My opinion about relationships from a male's prospective. from Dwain's blog

Often times, females forget the fact that they are better than men. If you're a religious zealot, I'm sure you believe a female was created to help the male. That goes without saying the female is well equipped; perhaps she has a better view and prospective.

The other day I went to an "Escape Room" with a girlfriend. Mind you I'm much older and experienced than she is if you look at the age difference and professional qualifications. On getting to our mission, I looked at the room and immediately started to look for hidden clues and obscured keys. She on the other hand started to solve the puzzles in the room and seemed to understand what we were doing there. After she solved the first puzzle, she caught my attention and I began to follow her lead. I still didn't understand what was going on, but I had a perfect understanding of what we needed to do. Then I remembered we could call for clues, so I persuaded her to make a call for a clue since I didn't know how to articulate my question and didn't want to make a fool of myself. 

Long story short, if I was of any help we should have completed the mission but we were shy of two obscured keys that would have enabled us complete the mission. The attendant came to us upon lapse of allotted time and she was amazed we went that far. She liked the fact that we only had to call once and her response was understood immediately. I say we, there is no I or U in TEAM. 

Imagine that was a game of life. Without my partner I would have just been stranded for the most of the time if not the whole time. With my understanding partner, we were able to work together and went far. I did complete the more obvious missions and that gave her time to focus on the tedious once. She didn't focus on herself as an individual and she didn't blame me for my lack of expected contribution. She was happy and I was happy. It felt like team work and the cooperation was phenomenal.   

Why do we live our lives on expectations and dogma; why can't we live freely and accept what we are presented with honestly and humbly, maybe this world would be a better place for you and I. We need each other.

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By Dwain
Added Dec 11 '20


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