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Steave Rupom

Everyone in the world wants to be attractive to the opposite sex. Everyone aspires to be an attractive personality to the opposite sex. Everyone wants people of the opposite sex to talk about him or think about him. But can everyone become the most attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex? No, not everyone has this qualification. The special ability to attract people of the opposite sex is to be acquired through practice. Quite easily you can make yourself attractive to the opposite sex. Whether you are a woman or a man, it is very easy to make yourself attractive. In this article I will tell you how to be the most attractive to people of the opposite sex. Let's take a look at the infallible strategies to become the most attractive to people of the opposite sex.>>


Laughter is the ornament of the face. All the people of the world look beautiful and attractive when they smile. And so one of the ways to attract people of the opposite sex is to have a "personality" smile. Give him the gift of a lively smile when talking to people of the opposite sex. You can attract him in an instant. But that smile must be relevant.>>

Talking eye to eye>>

Talking to someone eye to eye can easily attract him. Keep an eye on the person of the opposite sex while talking. If you talk eye to eye, he/she will be impressed by your confidence. This will help you to understand the language of your partner’s eyes. >>

Keep yourself clean>>

One of the ways to attract people of the opposite sex is to stay clean. Try to keep yourself clean all the time. If you want you can use a beautiful light perfume. Put a touch of cleanliness on the clothes as well. Everyone in the world likes tidy and well-dressed people.>>

Women should keep red lipstick handy>>

Ladies, pick up some red lipstick next time you're at the drug store.>>

A woman's lips are the most attractive part of her body, especially when colored with red lipstick, a study from the Manchester University revealed.>>

The study found that men stared at a woman's lips for seven full seconds when they were colored red. In comparison, they spent just 0.95 seconds looking at her eyes and 0.85 seconds gazing at her hair.>>

Guys—brood a little more>>

Brooding and swaggering men are much more attractive than men who are smiling, according to a recent study from the University of British Columbia. In fact, the women surveyed said happiness was the least attractive quality in a man. >>

But the study was based only on "gut reactions on carnal, sexual attraction," one of the study's co-authors told The Daily Mail, not whether the men would make a good boyfriend or husband.>>

The study could explain why some women are attracted to the "bad boy" persona.>>

Expose dashing style>>

Whilst there’s only so much you can do to change your looks, there are ways you can instantly increase your attractiveness to others. Studies show that changes to your body language, your actions and even what you wear can boost your appeal.>>

Donning a frock or T-shirt in the color of confidence really can make both men and women more attractive to the opposite sex, research has found. Wearing red makes men seem more dominant and successful, and when women wear red, they tap into men’s primitive desires and thus seem more sexually desirable.>>

Swaying your hips or adopting a swagger when you walk can make women and men more attractive respectively, according to research. In fact, you could double your allure simply by walking in a different way. For women, it’s a case of swinging your hips from side to side, whereas men should walk with swagger in their shoulders.>>

Think of the present>>

We always think about what will happen in the future. But the best way to understand yourself is to focus on what you have now. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Always keep an eye on what is happening to your opposite sex in the moment. Try to understand the language of his/her eyes what he/she wants. This will increase your importance to him/her.>>

Get to know yourself>>

Know what you are. In the words of Socrates, ‘no they selves’. Know yourself before you understand others. Be honest, hardworking and industrious as a person. This will create self-love as well as increase self-confidence manifold. Try to make yourself trustworthy and dignified to your opposite sex.>>

Keep the spine straight>>

Another effective way to look attractive is to sit and walk with your spine straight. When talking to people of the opposite sex or sitting somewhere, be sure to sit with your spine straight. Then it will look quite smart to you. With that you can easily attract people of the opposite sex. Always keep your head up. Talk to others face to face and always keep yourself in a high position.>>

Be fluent>>

Try to be fluent with people of the opposite sex. Many people panic and lose confidence when talking to someone of the opposite sex. No matter how scared you are, try not to express it in the message. They can be easily attracted by treating people of the opposite sex fluently.>>

Stay alive>>

Try to keep your behavior with the opposite sex alive. Express your sense of humor, laughter and exuberance with an open mind. Your open-minded, lively demeanor will fascinate people of the opposite sex.>>

Do not reveal all your secrets>>

Always keep yourself mysterious to the opposite sex. Always keep some of your secrets behind the curtain. If you reveal all your secrets, you will lose attraction to the opposite sex. And so keep yourself in suspense about certain things. You can easily attract everyone through your mysterious personality.>>

Get enough sleep>>

If you sleep according to the rules, you will have a good time to rest, it will keep the skin healthy and fresh. Your eyesight will also improve. You will be able to adapt well to emotions like anger, revenge, resentment etc.>>


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